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I will tell you things that other coaches will hide.


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I will tell you how to get your dream body without starvation.

No Torture

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I will tell you what actually works.

Real Methods

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With so many myths and false information floating around, understanding what actually works is a task. In my private circle you will get access to science backed information. I will tell you how to burn stubborn fat, get stronger and reach your goals.

Rs. 4500 / 3 months

INR 50 / DAY

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The best investment you

can make for your health.

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If you have tried dieting and failed at it.

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If you lost weight but gained it back later.

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If you want to learn all about nutition & science backed information.

Indian Food

If you want access to my best nutritional plans and workouts.

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If you want to eat what you like while reaching your goals.

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If you are confused about food, macros and calories.

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Well my private group gives you access to email, instagram and facebook group with dedicated people replying to you 24/7. I personally answer your queries through email and check on your progress regularly. What else- you will find a community with common goals, you will be among people who have faced similar problems and together we will reach our goals, cheering for each other.

Rs. 4500 / 3 months

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Exclusive Content, Recipes & Workout videos

Gain access to exclusive content not available to others. Have the privilege of using my star techniques for better health and physique.


New content Uploaded everyday

Queries are duly answered by me

Sit back while I do the hard work

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A community that cheers for you

Be the part of a lovely community and witness pure support, friendliness and respect towards one another. Be in a place where everybody works in harmony towards a common goal - better health and physique.

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