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Be your own dietician!

What will you learn in this masterclass ?

Calorie Count

Learn to make your own plan

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How much cardio for fatloss?

Checking Weight

Lose weight at your own pace

Eat what you like to lose weight

Enjoy more outings with flexible dieting

Eat guilt- free while travelling

Become your Own Dietician!

In this masterclass, you will learn everything you need to know about making your own diet. You will learn to add your favourite foods to plate while losing weight.

Weightloss will not look like a prison to you!

You will enjoy the process, get results at your own pace, perform the kind of exercise you like, eat out, hang out with friends and still make progress.

I will teach you the exact method I use with my clients to lose weight.

No detox, or boring food!

Include your staple foods, enjoy the flexibility and make your diet a lifestyle!

Break free from dieting prison

Eating ICe Cream

Does your weight come back everytime you stop dieting?

Can you enjoy local foods while travelling on your diet?

Are you able to drink and socialise on your diet?

Do you feel that one outing takes away your progress?

Does your diet lets you eat same food as your family?

Can your current diet can become your lifestyle?

It's time to take control of your life!

I'm Nancy. I am a nutritionist and a fitness enthusiast. Before getting my certification, I had tried several diets, methods and measures of losing weight, staying healthy and performing better. Every time I would think of losing weight, only thing that will come to my mind is eating less, although I succeeded in my efforts but most of the times; weight bounced back. There was something that I was not doing right because eating less made me HANGRY and eating back calories made me heavier...

Are you ready to take charge of your health?

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Do you want to lose weight and keep your results?


Create healthy habits at your own pace.


Add as many outside meals you like.


Lose fat and weight forever! Make it a lifestyle.

Are you ready to break free from the dieting prison?

Artboard 12_2x.png


Lose weight at your own pace!


Eat foods you like, understand the power of Calories!


Choose how much workout you wish to do.


Become your own dietician, change your diet as many times you like

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