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Want personal attention ?
Choose a 1 on 1 plan


So personal plan is understanding how you live your life and creating a lifestyle for you. It involves much more planning and communication via calls and WhatsApp. It involves understanding your pattern of living and creating small unnoticeable changes that positively impacts your health.

This also includes monitoring your progress weekly but also analysing behaviours and obstacles which didn’t work in our favour. This is not a slow paced program but it involves a lot of teaching. It will impact your health positively while changing your outlook on Social gathering, eating out and creating healthy balance.


Now eating out is a big part of our life and often causes hindrance in any kind of weightless program. I wouldn’t say that with this plan you can go out everyday and still achieve results. Yes there will some sacrifices that you will make but you will have the power to decide. This power will actually create a learning lesson for you that you can keep practicing in future.

Weight loss is a short term goal for which you will be using my services, but the life lessons I will teach you  will help you keep that weight off forever, of course with a positive mindset. When I say you will have to make some sacrifices, do not look at it negatively; this is something that will positively impact your health and relationship mentally and physiologically.

I will also be working on your health conditions if any, and will try to improve them within the best of my ability and knowledge.

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Direct communication on Whatsapp

The diet is sent through whatsapp or email; I evaluate results every week and make changes accordingly so that we keep progressing towards our goal.

I keep adding interesting recipes in the plan. I am strict about weekly assessments and want you to participate in interaction and evaluation every week to get best results.

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